Ode to Beards

One could argue that Jesus wore it best
as depicted famously by da Vinci,
all iconic in its fullness,
yet later plucked by his tormentors;
or perhaps Che Guevara
reviled by some, adored by others,
captured stoically for an eternity
in his beret of liberation.
You represent wholly:
wisdom, knowledge,
virility, yet still:
crudeness, simplicity, and
an air of eccentric disposition.
Hirsute as you are,
primitive and wild in names like
donegal, garibaldi, junco, verdi
or simply
full, goatee, stubble, and
soul patch. You present a yearning
cut deep in society’s psyche
for meaning, for depth,
for truth, justice,
for style. In vogue,
plaited with interwoven threads
of gold and red,
adorned and decorated
with beads on hippies,
ringlets on orthodox Jews,
gray, white, and unkempt
on the faces of judges and philosophers,
or trimmed neatly on hipsters. You rule
sovereign as a king
or a cow. You mask,
you define,
you strengthen jaw lines
and frame lips.
You nuzzle the neck of my one true love.

This poem was originally published in the Aquinas College Sampler

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