No Ideas But In Things

Posted once per month, back issues of David Allan Evans' column can be viewed here.
Issue #1- No Ideas But In Things
Issue #2- Repetition Is At The Heart Of Good Poetry
Issue #3- Poetry Is Concise
Issue #4-Poetry Is Known For It's Use Of Metaphor And Simile
Issue #5- Poetry Tends To Be Plain-Spoken And Personal
Issue #6- Poetry Affirms And Celebrates More Than It More Than It Denounces Or Criticizes
Issue #7- A Poem Is As Good As It Is Dramatic
Issue #8- Poems Can Be About Anything
Issue #9- Poetry, Philosophy and Psychology, or Lost Sheep, A Panicky Cow, A Wise Mother Cheetah, and Even Some Human Beings
Issue #10- Poetry and Science
Issue #11- Focused Writing: The Value of Description

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